Arborwood is a new Kingston Community from Olympic Property GroupArborwood Home Page

Project Information

Wetlands and Streams
Designed to exist in harmony with nature, Arborwood’s neighborhoods incorporate the numerous wetlands and streams present on the property.  To ensure the preservation of the natural habitats, they have been identified and typed by recognized agency criteria. The habitats were surveyed and applied to the Arborwood base map, including buffer setbacks established by the Kitsap Critical Areas Ordinance.

Click here for a  map of the wetlands and streams

Circulation & Topography
Designing easy access for residents, business owners and visitors is an important consideration when creating a welcoming community environment. Potential vehicular access points, existing trails, and steep slopes are mapped to provide the master plan direction from an access perspective.

Click here for the Circulation and Topography map.

Paving the way for seamless traffic in and out of the development is crucial for both Arborwood and the surrounding areas. To achieve this, traffic conditions were inventoried on Arborwood’s surrounding roadways.  A gauge known as Level of Service (LOS) is used in the transportation industry to evaluate traffic efficiency.  In order to maintain the roadways’ required Level of Service, Arborwood will make contributions to traffic improvements.

Click here for a map of existing traffic conditions.
Click here for the Arborwood Transportation Impact Analysis.

Arborwood is a new Kingston Community from Olympic Property Group